Flaming Grills: The Story Behind the Ultimate Argentine Grill

Authentic fire cooking is a passion and Argentine grilling is the ultimate way of cooking with fire. Once you have tasted and experienced the Argentine way, there really is no going back.

Alistair Heelas, founder and owner of JBL Leisure, through his many years of travelling for pleasure and business, has always had a passion for food and has experienced some of the top restaurants around the world. But his ultimate passion has been for fire cooking and the extraordinary flavour, texture and theatre it offers.

When passion, entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to bring manufacturing back to the UK meet, then great products are born and this was the start of Flaming Grills.

The mission of Alistair and Flaming Grills is to create the ultimate Argentine Grill, combining the best of UK engineering and design with the Argentine fire cooking style. Alistair has incredibly high standards with all his ventures and his eye for detail, quality and functionality is second to none, which is why a Flaming Grills Argentine Grill uses the best quality high-grade steel and bespoke engineering to ensure every component of our grill can withstand the demands of any commercial kitchen.

There is no compromise with Alistair, it is the best or nothing else which is why Flaming Grills is simply the best quality UK made Argentine Grill for the serious home chef and commercial market today.

The story of Flaming Grills has only just begun and Alistair’s vision of bringing authentic Argentine fire cooking to UK hospitality industry will be a journey of great quality food and Asado theatre.