What is Argentine Grilling?

The history of Argentine grilling and why it holds the accolade of being the best method for cooking meat in the world, all comes from the Argentine love of beef and their culture of asado.

Asado is Argentinian for barbecue but it is so much more than we are used to in the UK. It is a fire cooking tradition and responsibility that is handed down the generations. It is a custom, belief and an art form that is entrenched in the Argentine way of life. The world-renowned fire cooking guru, Francis Mallmann, is Argentinian and his book, Francis Mallmann and the Seven Fires, is the bible of fire chefs around the world.

The Art of Argentine Grilling

1. Quality meat is fundamental to the Argentines, they produce some of the best quality beef in the world and wouldn’t dream of compromising on anything less. Quality meat with fire produces quality flavour.

2. Argentine grilling primarily uses wood as fuel. Asado is not just about cooking but the lighting of the wood, producing the right size of wood embers, feeding the fire and creating different heat zones. The art of asado is understanding wood, fire and smoke, learning how to manage and control a fire and using the different stages of fire and wood embers for cooking. It is an art which is learned through years of training to become a master of fire!

3. An asado is the theatre of fire cooking. Each stage from preparation of the meat, the management of the fire and the food slow cooking over the embers is on show. This adds to the whole experience and enhances the occasion.

4. The Argentines believe slow cooking meat is better. They love real fire slow cooked food and adjust the height of the grill to move away from the flames, to slow down the cooking temperature and time. All authentic Argentine Grills have adjustable grills to raise and lower over the wood embers, for chefs and asadors to manage their temperature control.

So, what is Argentine Grilling? It is the mastery of fire and cooking and the ultimate Argentine Grill, such as Flaming Grills, offers all chefs the ability to embrace this style of cooking and theatre either in their home alfresco kitchen, or commercial kitchens.