The Ultimate Argentine Grill

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Key Features

Argentine Grill Art

Cornelius Veakins

Our knowledge of steel, artisan welding skills and manufacturing expertise, enables us to fabricate our authentic Argentine inspired wood grills, with passion we create the worlds finest grills. Cooking on our Parilia Grills, is all about perfecting the purest art of cooking beef Argentine style, along with fish, poultry and vegetables. Items needed Fire, Grill and Meat.

I leave you with this thought “A perfectly grilled beef churrasco, slathered with chimichurri sauce", a simple combination of finely chopped parsley, garlic, red pepper oil and red wine vinegar, a few flakes of died sweet chilli. Happy Grilling !

Cornelius Veakins signature

Alistair Heelas,
Founder, Flaming Grills

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