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Flaming Grill’s New London Home

One of our Flaming Grills has a new London home, a world leading tech company, on the 8th Floor overlooking St Pancras, delivering authentic wood fire cooking to thousands of employees as part of their service. We combined the Argentine Grill delivery day with a chefs’ argentine cooking masterclass delivered by our Chef we pre-planned a wood […]

What is Argentine Grilling?

The history of Argentine grilling and why it holds the accolade of being the best method for cooking meat in the world, all comes from the Argentine love of beef and their culture of asado. Asado is Argentinian for barbecue but it is so much more than we are used to in the UK. It […]

Flaming Grills: The Story Behind the Ultimate Argentine Grill

Authentic fire cooking is a passion and Argentine grilling is the ultimate way of cooking with fire. Once you have tasted and experienced the Argentine way, there really is no going back. Alistair Heelas, founder and owner of JBL Leisure, through his many years of travelling for pleasure and business, has always had a passion […]