Flaming Grill’s New London Home

One of our Flaming Grills has a new London home, a world leading tech company, on the 8th Floor overlooking St Pancras, delivering authentic wood fire cooking to thousands of employees as part of their service.

We combined the Argentine Grill delivery day with a chefs’ argentine cooking masterclass delivered by our Chef we pre-planned a wood fired menu to demonstrate the extraordinary versatility of argentine cooking and then our customers chefs and crew took over and catered for an ever-growing line of hungry people.

Tomahawk steaks; gambas; seabream; marinated skirt steak; tournedos steak wrapped in bacon and sage leaves; dirty cooked scallops; baba ghanoush; dirty cooked fennel; marinated spatchcock chicken.

As word spread through the building, more and more people turned up to see the theatre of the menu being fire cooked in front of them, which always adds to the deliciousness of the wood fired food. The line of expectant people never seemed to subside!


It was a great day watching the chefs grow in confidence with fire cooking as they learned and perfected the art of Argentine cooking, all under the watchful eye of Cornelius Veakins.

Our Argentine Grill was very well received by the chefs, they knew they had to buy a grill but wanted the confidence that the grill could withstand the demands of a commercial service and they appreciated the build quality, the design, the mobility and large cooking surface.

Flaming Grills is the ultimate professional Argentine Grill, designed and built for serious home chefs as well as professional chefs who appreciate and understand the worth of real fire cooking and need kit that is built to withstand the demands of any alfresco or commercial kitchen.